Gary's Garden

It all comes down to food (at least in my garden).

Over the years I've tried many gardening styles and techniques, and found or
developed useful ideas that don't seem to very well known. My mission is to bring them to you.


The best fence ever.

Automated seed starters guide.         Click here to select your state for frost free dates.

Growing Asparagus - the newer, EASY way.
You don't have to dig a trench, fertilize heavily, or even water reguarly. And you'll get more asparagus than the old-fashioned way!



Here are the articles I'm thinking about. Doing them all will take a while, so if you see something you'd like expedited, let me know and I'll move it up the list.
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The best berry and produce baskets ever: free!

Gardening styles: which is best?

The best way to water

Using Word or Open Office (Open Office is free) to create garden plans.

Dealing with groundhogs: what the experts don't tell you.

Useful, buildable, edible bamboo - it grows farther north than you may realize!

Local help: Master Gardeners and the Cooperative Extension System

Resources for the gardener: books, magazines, newsletters, fact sheets and pamphlets, radio and podcasts, web pages and forums.

Local food: eating like you raised it yourself, even if you can't (or don't want to).

Weather and climate: how to know when it's time to grow.

Tomatoes on t-posts and cucumbers in tomato cages: how I trellis.

How to choose the best vegetable varieties for you.


My garden is at 40°01'39.83" N 78° 01'41.24" W
South Central PA, zone 6
Go to Google Earth to find me. There is a street view.

Last updated 4/10/13

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